Oct 15, 2009

Thank You!

Thank You!

I made it!
I'm sure i'm sitting in IMC right now either recovering or waiting for surgery.
I wrote this post on Monday night because...
I felt a prompting...
to tell those I love most...
that I love them.
To say thanks
to everyone for all they've done.

I've spent a few hours sending out emails to the people who were there for me through this
so i'm all buttered up for my public thank you now.
I know i've spilled my deepest and darkest moments on here already
so I just wanted to say that over all I'm actually grateful that this all happened.
At first I didn't feel that way of course But as time went on and I started learning what it
was Heavenly Father was trying to teach me, everything started to get better.
It always seems when we know we've hit the bottom that we really can't take one more day or one more thing that's when it gets even WORSE :)
then our Angels start flying in to help us.
Now most of what I learned i'll keep for those closest to me
but for the world I will say that
One thing i've learned for certain is that
the people who matter most,
the people who really care are revealed.
That's something i'm grateful for.
I am the type of person who will exhaustively devote myself to
making sure those that I treasure
know it.
But I could be better. A lot better.

So to those that have taken the time
away from your own precious families to give to mine
Thank You!

I have felt your love not by just the dinners you brought
but by the loving way you brought them,
by the compassion I saw in your eyes,
by the care you put into your meals
Thank You.

For the time you took from your busy lives to pick
my babies up early in the morning,
some of you did it several days a week every week
for the last few months,
some came on the only day you had off or available,
Thank you.

For those that not only picked up my babies
but were willing to take them
to school, to preschool,
to dr. appointments,
to family parties,
to do fun things,
Thank You

For those that sent packages,
the sweetest cards i've ever read,

the most caring messages i've ever heard,
the yummy treats left at my door,
Thank You.

Some would stop by several days a week,
clean my messy house,
wash my gross laundry,
bring me delicious dinners
(even when I know they are too tired to cook for their own families) ,
even crawl in bed with me while I cried
to comfort me and hold me in my worst moments.
Thank You

For week after week,
day after day,
letting me know,
you care,
that i'm not
Thank You.

Thank you from my sweet family to yours,
to my families time in need to when it's your time in need,
Thank You.

A few more things I learned:
1. I will play with my babies everyday until
we are all too exhausted to play anymore
2. DOING is the secret to LOVING
3. My husband really does deeply, truly, LOVE me
4. I will be better at being there for those who are in need
5. I will let things wait until tomorrow and snuggle
my babies childhood away.
6. I will do all I can to show my Heavenly Father
that my life was worth the time, the effort and the sacrifice
that those around me made. I will learn and hopefully grow.

When I get home on Friday
It will be the first day to the rest of my life.
October 15th is my new holiday!

Thank you to everyone again for all of your support.
Marianne and her grateful family


Forever Owen said...

Marianne, I know those that you are thinking of when you express your gratitude will feel the love and gratefulness you feel for them. That's the impression I got from reading this,and we haven't even met in person! I can sense your spirit and the feelings you are expressing. I have been thinking of you and your family as this week has been passing, awaiting for the 15th to arrive for you. I am grateful for the thoughts and feelings you share from your heart and what you learn and are experiencing! I am thankful for friends also. And the growth and strength that result from trials, if we can make it through them keeping in mind we will learn from them. (Though, of course, wish it could be learned without the trial part!) This is a lengthy comment! LOL! But, wanted you to know your love and gratitude and kind spirit are lovely and appreciated! P.S. You don't have to post this. I just didn't know how else to contact you (email) to share my thoughts!

Anonymous said...

I understand exactly what you are saying. It's hard to explain but you said it beautifully. When I went through my difficult time I felt the very same way and I believe everyone does at times. We give and give and love and love and even just praying for others is a wonderful and loving gesture but sadly there are times when you realize that some family or friends may not really care the way you had hoped. I went through Chemo for an entire year and had a few sisters in laws and friends who never even called once to even say "how are you doing and we are thinking of you" but yet they feel offended by me for being grateful to everyone else for all they've done. Strange how some people can chose to be sitters then get offended when their not thanked. I love to read your blog and all the beautiful ways you express your self. I am sure that your letter was intended for everyone you know and love because you are so lovable and so kind and always trying to please and do for others. I am sure they were all kind and compassionate in return, or I atleast pray that they were. If some may not have called, it could be because they just didn't know what to say and not that they didn't love you. But then I am reminded of what our loving Christ would do and he would never sit by and watch he would pray, serve and do. I am a fan of your darling blog and hope you feel better soon so we can start getting some updates. Bless you angel!