May 12, 2009

A Major Update

Andrew's preschool had a great Easter party for the kids.
Here he is with one of his favorite friends, Brayden. He was so
excited to bring his dinosaur eggs he picked out for the party.

These were too cute to not share, this is what his class made for their baskets for the party.
I loved them and might do them next year with the kids.
These were some cupcakes I made for Easter treats. They were coconut flavored with a custard filling, and a small layer of custard on the top with yummy cream cheese frosting on top.
You could seriously eat a dozen. Yummy. Thanks mom for the recipe, she makes the cake version at her restaurant, Cottillion Southern Cafe.

These were the baby bunnies the kids help me make. They were so much fun and the kids loved them. We took these to the Bunnells for Easter. I'm not too sure if anyone liked them but me and the kids sure did ;)

My sweet basket from my sweet husband, filled with sweet notes.
and 2 bags of my favorite candy ever.... :)
Lock scored with a few books.

My boys scored some of the usuals, candy, coloring books, small toys.

This was my bunny cake. It looks scary in this picture but in real life I remembered her being so much cuter. I named her Sallie because everything I make is always a girl. For obvious reasons.

Our ward had the funnest Easter party and a great couple in our ward made this amazing train for their grandchildren. They shared with our ward and the kids LOVED it.

Lock hunting eggs, it was cold and rainy. The kids still had fun though.

Me and the boys, Happy Easter.

How can you not just love these guys. They are soooo cute :)
The Bunnell girls headed down to St. George at the end of March for a much needed girls only weekend, with the exception three cute little baby boys.
We had such a great time visiting with each other, laying out, watching a chick flick, catching up. Even Necia met us there from Vegas. We stayed up for hours talking and laughing. I sure miss you girl :)
We had some cousins and Helen's sister meet up with us for lunch.

Can you believe it.
My baby is FIVE.
sniff sniff.
We had a fun little super hero party with some of the little boys he knows.
We asked Andrew what he wanted to do and he said:
"Eat pizza, dress up as super hero's, go on an adventure walk and finds things then come home build stuff or make stuff and have cake"
Well, that's exactly what we did.
Kids have the greatest ideas.

We had all of the kids come in their favorite super hero costume. They were the cutest things running around the neighborhood looking for bad guys :)
Boys are soooo much fun :)

Andrew was superman.
I mean "super Andrew boy man", according to him.
His favorite chocolate cupcakes.

St. Patty's Day
We had a fun St Patty's day with my brother and his family and also my little brother Joel was in town so that was fun. I made a green dinner (didn't take any pics) and we sent the kids on a leprechaun chase around the house and outside then they found treats on the table.


L!ND$EY said...

Hmm...what to comment on cute nephews, the fab treats, waaay awesome b-day party, that absolutely perfect Easter basket from Clint (that's exactly what I would want in mine!), miss you guys!

Marianne said...

Seriously, skip the gifts and give me something mushy style ;)