May 14, 2009

Lock is getting so big


I can't believe my little baby is 7 SEVEN months old. These pictures are an update of him being 5&6 months old, so I'm way behind but I'll post those soon.
What is he doing at 6 months:
does a great wobbly sitting up act
rolls all over the house (been doing that since 3 months - his claim to fame)
Eats baby food but doesn't really like it yet
sleeps all the way through the night, YEAH!
Trying really hard to crawl but his legs are sooo small, he just falls flat on his tummy.
smiles all the time :)
he's a big time mommas boy

and he adores his brothers.

Yes that's a silver bowl and spoon, blame his granny for that one :)

Can you tell his brothers worship him :)

and so does daddy :)

This is my favorite, when he giggles he always puts his hand in his mouth, so sweet!

He scooted over to this vase to lick it... I think he thought it was a boob at first :)

He looks like Andrew here.

and looks like Nicholas here.

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Prince Family said...

Lochlon is so cute. I need you to move back with me. some day Lily will marry him and will be a family.